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Chris Elise
I have been a print journalist for more than a decade and a professional photographer for 5 years. I have always been a great baseball fan, and my love of US sports in general led me to become a photographer. Through writing and photography, I can immortalize the most famous sporting events, shoot the best athletes, help create of sport's history and share the emotions felt near the dugout or on the court of NBA arenas.

The archive website, www.elise-archive.com, is one of the largest stock photography sites of baseball in Europe. It gathers more than 20,000 photos of French, European and International events, covered throughout the world (USA, Puerto Rico, Cuba, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, China, Dominican Republic, etc). This unique searchable archive is classified by dates, keywords, types of photos (actions, portraits, illustrations).

- My portfolio www.chris-elise.com features a selection of my work through several pictures and portfolios organized by themes. It shows actions, illustrations, and portraits of international athletes.

In addtion to photographing sports in France and around the world, I also feature my opinions on sports on my blog (in french): blog.42sportsimages.com. I also discuss my life and work as a photographer, and the media, based on my experiences behind and beyond the eyepiece.

It is also possible to access my sports photography stock archives: the archives 42SI (My photos are displayed here in several disciplines).